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Jb Genesis

My name is Maurizio Romano, if you have already read the development page you know how all started…
I needed a good mini vario for my students here in China. So I started to design something with in mind an object small, light, settable without computer, precise, reliable and inexpensive. Well, after many months I was able to produce it at home. Now Jb Vario is a team!
Jb-L20 is the new simple variometer with LCD. The production started in August 2020.


THE NEW Jb-L20 (Vario with LCD) is out - August 2020

Jb MINI Available on big order go check it
** Jb-L20 ** Available go check it
* Jb-L20 GPS * Available go check it
Jb G spot Designing Phase /


Jb-L20, it comes in many colors, this is our green.
The Jb-L20 packaging is an exquisite tin case. Autonomy of 15 hours, weight 84 grams, size 100mm x 59mm x 17mm. Velcro strap for the risers is provided.


Jb-MINI-logoJb Vario started by Maurizio Romano moved by the need of providing to students a good small vario. After years of inactivity Jb Vario becomes now a small production team, with R&D guys instructed to keep the original MISSION: Top Quality to a reasonable price. Jb MINI was designed in 2015 and it is still requested. The new basic instrument with LCD is the Jb-L20. Serial production started in August 2020. On the board there is a serial port available, that could be used for a small gps or a blue-tooth module. Other instruments are in the designing phase.

Jb MINI - size and weight 2 buttons for all the settings A light cockpit
Many colors for the Jb-L20 Mango color: green and orange

I cannot say made in Italy, but i can say...      MADE BY ITALIAN  












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