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Jb Genesis

My name is Maurizio Romano, if you have already read the development page you know how all started…
I needed a good mini vario for my students here in China. So I started to design something with in mind an object small, light, settable without computer, precise, reliable and inexpensive. Well, after many months I was able to produce it at home. Right now just only the Jb MINI is ready. Another instrument with a small LCD and integrated compass (the Jb +) is in prototyping phase… it works perfectly, but I need to put it in a small box with nice buttons… so I’ll do in winter… Then this winter I’ll design another one with display, integrated compass and GPS (the Jb G). Jb stands for Just Beep...


Jb MINI Available go check it
Jb + Prototyping Phase /
Jb G Designing Phase /


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To start a 360° Object VR click on this picture. Drag up or down to see Jb MINI standing up or laying down. Drag left or right to change the angle of view.



Jb-MINI-logoWith only 30 grams it weighs just as 1 AA rechargeable battery. Thanks to his thickness of 1.5 cm it can fit easily in a pocket. Don’t be fooled by these numbers… Jb MINI is a great tool. The sensitivity is 0.1 meter. The rechargeable LiPo battery run time on a full charge is 35 hours. Thanks to the 2 buttons you can set up thresholds, volume, disable sinking tone or disable multitone frequency and keep only 1 frequency. All your setting are kept in memory. If I fly around the takeoff or if I fly tandem I use Jb MINI. Also if I use other instruments for XC flying I keep one of this in the harness. It is always good to have a spare, and it really weighs as much as a battery.

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Jb MINI - size and weight 2 buttons for all the settings A light cockpit
Inside the shell Inside the shell What's in the box

I cannot say made in Italy, but i can say...      MADE BY ITALIAN  











I’m keeping researching and developing new products… This is just a passion and I hope to have good feedback so I can keep providing new effective instruments to a more than reasonable price

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